Learn Traditional Martial Arts For The Modern Day & Protect Yourself & Your Family

If you’re looking for a fun and relevant freestyle martial art for fitness, self-defence and wellbeing, then Tan Kyu Shin will help you achieve your goals in a safe and professional environment.


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If you’re looking for a fun and relevant freestyle martial art for fitness, self-defence and wellbeing, then Tan Kyu Shin will help you achieve your goals in a safe and professional environment.  

A modern freestyle martial art taught with traditional martial art philosophies.   Tan Kyu Shin means, “the want to better yourself”   

Have fun while developing confidence, fitness and resilience to promote a respectful character.   Come and try it!  

A Karate based martial art, Tan Kyu Shin was developed to fill the gaps experienced in modern self-defence scenarios.   Encompassing the values of traditional martial arts and the best elements from stand-up Japanese Jiu-Jitsu, Aikido, grappling and Kickboxing, Tan Kyu Shin delivers a fully comprehensive curriculum for the modern world.   With classes for kids and adults, there is something for everyone.  

Through our core values and beliefs, we will help you develop:

  • Respect, confidence and discipline both within martial arts, professionally and personally
  • The ability to let go of your inhibitions, be comfortable in yourself and achieve a sense of belonging
  • Karate based training delivered by highly reputable, knowledgeable and experienced instructors

At Tan Kyu Shin, we offer a place where you can come to unwind, focus solely on yourself, learn something new and make special friends.   It doesn’t matter what your age, level or end goal is.   We will deliver an outstanding service, knowledge base and skill-set.   

Our training outlook, wealth of knowledge, understanding of real-life situations and passion for the art is what sets us apart from everyone else.  

Give Your Child The Opportunity To Grow Mentally, Physically & Emotionally Through The Traditions of Martial Arts

If your child is lacking in confidence, struggling with focus resulting in bad grades, or isn’t able to see anything through from start to finish, then you’re not alone.   

School isn’t always enough and plays a small part in fulfilling your child’s needs and wants.   Extra-curricular activities either focus on the physical or artistic talent, but what if your child doesn’t naturally fit into those two categories?  

Maybe you are finding it increasingly difficult to motivate your child and they have withdrawn into themselves.  

Our children’s classes for children aged 5 to 14 years and we band together as a family to ensure each child receives:  

  • Practical self defence skills relevant to their age and ability
  • Self-control and spatial awareness through various exercises and techniques
  • Respect for oneself and others through partner drills
  • Social skills with plenty of opportunities to make new friends
  • Life skills such as focus, determination, perseverance and resilience
  • A positive attitude and spirit by being around positive role-models

We also focus on relevant themes to help them effectively deal with peer pressure, bullying, low self-esteem and lack of confidence.   

Through repetition and positive reinforcement, we guarantee your child will gain the life-skills to take on any new challenge and thrive in any new environment.  

Your child will train in an optimal learning environment designed to ensure that children learn quickly and retain what they learn.  

Fitness, Weight-loss, Confidence Building Or Self Defence…  Smash Through Your Goals Become The Best Version Of Yourself

If you are willing to learn, want to grow and challenge yourself and are committed to your training, then adult classes at Tan Kyu Shin will not only help you achieve your goals, but absolutely smash them!  

Our adult classes are from ages 14+ and is specifically tailored to suit all ages, levels and abilities.  

  • Learn practical and proven self-defence skills in a safe and controlled environment
  • Receive the tools and knowledge to protect yourself and your family against any given situation
  • Unlock your hidden potential as you master martial arts skills you actually never thought demand respect from yourself and others as you showcase your true self worth
  • Create a healthier and more positive mind frame and outlook
  • Be better equipped to deal with the challenges and stress of life, work and family that once over-whelmed you

Our aim and focus is to help you become the best version of yourself.  To ensure you outshine the instructors, develop a life-long love of learning and personal development and have the necessary skills to help protect yourself and your family.  

Kickboxing For Fun, Kickboxing For Fitness, Kickboxing For Fights - Whatever Your Goals!

Then watch this space… Coming soon…



I originally started with TKS because I wanted to improve my fitness but unbeknownst to me I would learn so much more. TKS has taught me so much more physically and mentally.   TKS is like having a second family with Instructors that guide and support you 100%, and for me personally are very patient.   It’s a continual learning experience and I take something away from it every week.   This has become part of my life, not a chore which I hope to continue for many years to come.


Both my son & wife have benefited enormously from these teachings over the last 3 years.   The self-confidence, discipline and focus acquired reflects the professionalism and skill of the Tan Kyu Shin team.   A MUST for any family wanting to be healthy in both body & mind.


Tan Kyu Shin is a very diverse club; whether you are young or older, amateur or experienced the teachers here truly care about every person under their instruction.   I have learnt so much about myself since attending classes at the dojo, the skills that I’ve attained have transpired into my everyday life; the strength, discipline and awareness I have discovered within myself makes me feel so proud of what I have achieved so far and I am excited to continue my journey with Tan Kyu Shin for many years to come.


My two son's Mackye and Austyn joined TKS when they were 7 and 6 years old. From the start we felt we were in a dojo that would teach the fundamentals that we as parents wanted our boys to learn in martial arts, with a sense of family fun and strong basic respectful guidelines.   Our boys in 4 short years have progressed and have learnt a system of self-defence and discipline that has given them self-confidence they will build on into the future.   TKS is also run in a family like atmosphere where fun is a major part of learning.   I recommend giving your children a chance to be a part of this fabulous experience!


As a family, we began training with TKS about 6 years ago, and have seen improvement in our fitness, balance, concentration and confidence as a result.   All of the instructors have been outstanding with the different skill and fitness levels our family presents, and through this we have learned the various aspects of the art very much at our own rate.   A truly life changing experience for us all, and the lessons learned flow into our lives outside the dojo.


All our instructors have received their black belt  

Kaicho George Pokkias, Shichi Dan (7th Dan)
Our Founder, Kaicho George started his love of Martial Arts at the age of 10, when he started training in Shotokan Karate under Alan Basham before he moved to Kyokushin Kai, when he was 16, under the guidance of Bill Vaughan. At 18, he joined Zen Do Kai under Ed Skipter and was mentored by Gary Macrae (now Kancho of Golden Knights) from Brown Belt to 2nd Dan.   In 1986, at the age of 24, George left Zen Do Kai and started Tan Kyu Shin, “the want to learn” or “the want to better yourself”.  

Shihan Richard Taylor, Yondan Ho (probationary 4th Dan)
Shihan Richard, or Squizzy as he is known, is the Chief Instructor at Tan Kyu Shin Martial Arts.   He started his love of Martial Arts around 4 years old while training with his Poppa, who was a Captain in the British Army.   He started with Tan Kyu Shin in 1991 when he was 20 and has also trained other martial arts such as Rhee Taekwondo, Shotokan Karate, Aikido, Ramindjeri Martial Arts and recently started Kenpo.

Dai Sempai Cory Volar, San Dan (3rd Dan)
Dai Sempai Cory started training in Tan Kyu Shin at the age of 11.   While he still continues to practice and teach Tan Kyu Shin, Cory’s love of the Martial Arts has seen himself learning Arjukanpo Karate, Pangamot Filipino Jujitsu, Boxing, Kick Boxing and Cacoy Doce Pares Escrima.

Dai Sempai Dave Stasinowsky, Shodan (1st Dan)
Dai Sempai Dave is one of Kaicho George’s longest serving students having started in 1985 when they were both in Zen Do Kai.   Prior to this, he dabbled in traditional Karate styles but it was the freestyle martial arts that became a passion.   He’s an excellent source of knowledge for our style and an inspiration that stems from his time serving in the Australian army.   He currently resides in Plainland, Queensland, where a new Dojo is imminent.

Sempai Brendon Harslett, Shodan Ho (probationary 1st Dan)
Sempai Brendon started with Tan Kyu Shin in 2012, just prior to turning 40 and is proof that learning never ends.   His ability to pass on key concepts to both junior and adult students is evident to the quality of martial artists emerging through the Tan Kyu Shin ranks.   Always looking to the “what next”, his next journey to further his skills is imminent and will bring further diversity to the style.

Sempai Tyler Martin, Junior Black Belt Shodan Ho (probationary 1st Dan)
Sempai Tyler started Tan Kyu Shin in 2012 when he was 8.   A calming character known for his composure under pressure, technique and movement.   His ability to pass on key aspects of Tan Kyu Shin at a level well beyond his years makes him an integral part of our Instructor ranks.

Sempai Caitlin Taylor, Junior Black Belt Shodan Ho (probationary 1st Dan)
Sempai Caitlin commenced her training in Tan Kyu Shin when she turned 5 in 2011 and is Shihan Squizzy’s longest training student.   Caitlin often takes the warm ups and flexibility sessions which extends most who experiences them.   She is also known for her outstanding technique and precise ability to guide and teach students of any age.  


140 Bicentennial Drive, Golden Grove SA 5125


91 Gilles Street, Adelaide SA 5000

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